Cackle, Bellow, Snort and Shriek

I was reading a book on the subway ride home from work one evening. It was a packed car, like they usually are during rush hour. What time range is rush hour in New York you may wonder….I have yet to figure that out. Everyday, all day, perhaps? It was the kind of ride where they are people standing so close to you that you can smell their deodorant (or lack there off), perfume (cheap and too much), and left over lunch; (gag) forget ear plugs I need nose plugs. Sometimes I just want to throw people off the cars. Hey I am not unreasonable; just the ones that stand on my foot, run over my foot with their oversized baby car- stroller, and have their arms in my ribcage when they are sitting in the seats next to me….so I bring a book.  It has to be a good one to pull me out of this reality circus, otherwise I am liable to get off the train and head to the nearest bar, cupcake shop or bakery I see.

Busy train rides always make me happy when I have a good book. Especially ones that, embarrassingly enough, make me cackle on a crowded car.

My husband will attest, I don’t laugh I cackle. Some folks bellow, giggle, snort, and shriek…. I am a cackle-r.

So, I wanted to share my current top three favorite, guaranteed to have you too cackling.. picks.

Do you have one that will have my train car strangers giving me weird, apprehensive looks? Please share…

Really, who doesn’t like Tina Fey? Enough said, right? You know it will be funny.

The character seems a bit young feeling (for me) but that she makes up for in funny. (Especially, for those of you who have lived or ever visited the city.)

Craig Ferguson is my favorite comedian. This book is a funny twist on following your dream, against all odds… even yourself. I have loaned this book out many times (it doesn’t matter if you know his work or not, trust me) and always received rave reviews.

Rambling, side note… don’t you love the feeling of a successful book recommendation? I truly enjoy sharing my favorite reads with my friends and family. I think there is nothing better than being known for recommending good books. **Rambling complete**


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