Why yes, I have showered today!


Have you ever felt that frenzied rush to the finish, reading the final pages of a I’ve-been-up-all-night-I-hope-my-coworkers-can’t-tell book- only to find out the author has not written anything else? …Or that you have read the entire series at record-breaking speed (watch out Chuck Yeager )and not showered in three days. No? Yeah, me neither. No seriously, the feeling of I’ve just read something wonderful and now I am empty.Over dramatic? Possibly. I get that way. I am the person that watches the entire season(s) (sometimes in one sitting) of a show on Netflix and then has no idea what to watch next. Completely lost. Thinking dang I should not have watched three a night.

Agh, I should have paced myself!!

(Yes my friend, that phrase is not just for a Friday night any longer.) I should not have let a great book take over my life! (I do that too. Fall for a terrific book and let it consume all my possible free time until I’m done. What can I say, sometime I eat a lot of sandwiches and take out.) Fear not, I am going to share some helpful sites that I have bookmarked for moments such as these.

Use something different? Please share, I love a helpful tip.



I like BookSeer because it uses a simple question “What should I read next” to help find my next good read. Results are from Amazon and LibraryThing. I really enjoy the simple interface and usability of the site. It is my general, tried and true, recommendation that I share with others.


BookLamp is similar to Pandora and offers a description and recommendations. I really like the StoryDNA that they use to break down the elements of the book. It’s a fun and unique twist.

Your Next Read

This site is more interactive than many and I love the map of book recommendations (very fun and visual!)



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