Non-judgemental shoulder browser

Maybe it’s because I take the subway to work everyday. Maybe it’s because I’m just overly curious, bored, hungry, distracted, tired, ect. Maybe just maybe I am a reading junky and have to know what everyone around me is reading. (Think Curious George with glasses.)No book cover, magazine article, sudoku puzzle or tasty trash magazine is safe. (That’s right I just used tasty to describe a tabloid magazine. Further confessions on that topic will have to be subjected to another post.)

Alright I confess, I am a shoulder browser. Come on admit it you do it too. (If not you may be missing out on some terrifically delicious stuff.) If someone is sitting close enough to me I just have to steal a little, tiny over the shoulder peak and spy what there reading.

Don’t judge! I know I’m not alone on this. Come on what if they have a good title that I miss out on?! What if Lilo got busted for stealing again? These are essential daily vitamins; caffeine and sugar for my brain if you will. Daily boredom calls for these juicy tidbits- on my long train ride, coffee break, or mundane phone conversations. Besides how else would I get my news? I mean really?! My only complaint is (fine not only)-Kindles and Nooks are not as easy to do a quick shoulder peak on. They could be reading something really juicy and I would never know; which is very smart. (Not that I do that either.) You can’t see any embarrassing covers on those! ….And that my friends is your fun fact this hump day. 


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