Mystery and magic. Satire and murder. What are you reading?

Welcome! I am going to use this blog to write about the fun books I am reading and other ramblings that catch my eye. Make yourself at home and feel free to contact me with any interesting tid bits. I am always looking for a good read!

I love to read. Nerdy? Perhaps. I am not talking about academic and work readings, I have never been diligent and thorough about those. I shamelessly adore a juicy celebrity autobiography. I find nothing better than a trashy fiction novel and I tend to go through whirl wind phases where all the books I am reading have a similar subject. I am that person that goes to a restaurant and eats the same dish until they are tired of it and I do the same thing with books. If I enjoyed a book, I try to replicate the experience with something of a similar subject. The only exception is flashy covers, I tend to pick out my books like a pick out my wine… I like the pretty labels.

I am drawn to books that hook me in the first chapter. I am impatient that way. If I can’t be hooked in the first few pages then it is usually a lost cause. I love the feeling of getting lost in another world; like I know the characters and I can’t wait to see what happens when I wake up; if I was smart enough to put the book down the night before. I have been known to read a book through the night until I can finish it, I can’t help myself sometimes.

What about you all? What kinds of books are you drawn to?

One of the books that drew me by the flashy cover. I loved the interior design of the book too!